What Type Of Booster Antenna Should I Choose?

Every signal repeater kit comes with an external antenna and an internal antenna, besides connection cables, and the main booster box. All of these components play a big role in improving the signal available outside a residential or commercial building. You may be having the best 4G LTE booster, but to get the maximum output from it, its antennae also have to be used properly. Here, we will look at how many types of booster antennae exist in the market, and which one may be suitable for you. You must consider many things to select the right one. Read ahead to know.

External Antenna

It is a small antenna that can either be mounted on your roof or placed outside your building. It should be placed in an area that has little to no obstructions between it and the cellular tower. Only then it will be capable of properly communicating with the nearest tower. A coaxial cable is usually utilized to connect it and the cellular signal booster. It comes in two types: omnidirectional and directional.

Directional Antenna

This type of cell signal booster component is also known as the Yagi antenna. It is the ideal option for you when the following criteria are met.

  • The cellular carrier is the same for every person at home.
  • The building resides in a place where the general direction of every major telecommunications service provider’s tower is the same.
  • The cell sites of the carriers your family does not use are so near to the building that these might overpower the booster.
  • There is a fine line-of-sight (LOS) to the cell site of your telecom provider.
  • The strength of outside cell signals is lower.

Omnidirectional Antenna

This type of antenna can receive and transmit cellular signals in a perfect 360-degree radius around its area of installation. It also has the capability to pick up signals originating from multiple cellular towers and is a great option in almost every situation where the signal strength outside the building is at least moderate. It is the ideal option when people at home utilize different carriers. Even if the cell signal strength is outside is strong, you may want to use it because the signal can experience difficulty in going through the walls of the building.

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