Why Look Is Important for Management Consultant Job Candidates?

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A handsome man has a better chance to be hired as a business management consultant than a beautiful woman. This is because the latter faces discrimination due to her looks.

The Psychology Factor

There is a huge body of research on psychology and beauty to substantiate the notion that attractiveness might give a competitive edge in recruitment. This might happen if everyone assigns an economic value to beauty. Most literature favors a positive relationship between intelligence and beauty, so one would connote that looks matter in the early phase of one’s job search.

Startling Fact about Perceptions of Human Beauty

Some research agrees with the above-mentioned, but not how one might initially think. In the paper, “Are Good-Looking People More Employable”, university researchers Bradley Ruffle and Ze’ev Shtudiner conclude that handsome male applicants are favored, but beautiful females do not perform just as well.

The hypothesis of the researchers concurs with traditional psychological researches, which consistently reveal that individuals rate handsome women and men as being smarter, based just on their photos. It means that these candidates would get preferential treatment over average-looking ones and those without photos.

Judging by their research findings, the chance of getting an interview callback for good-looking men is double than plain-looking ones, and that attractive ladies are at a big disadvantage. Women who do not submit photographs get the maximum callbacks for interviews, followed by those who are not beautiful. Conversely, beautiful women have the least chance of every female candidate to get a callback, whichever job they apply for.

Looks Matter but Can be Counterproductive

There is discrimination on the basis of looks during the earliest stages of candidate screening. Both plain-looking and beautiful people are not treated in the same way. With beauty trumping other attributes including intellect, a person might assume that the discrimination would work in favor of the beautiful. However, in the stage of application, it seems as if that only they benefit noticeably from beauty. It is better for women to attach no photo to their CV because being beautiful can kill their job prospects in this phase itself.

What Does That Mean for a Management Consultant?

Higher expectations will be on a management consultant regarding the way in which they present themselves, including their physical appearance aspects. It will be much more important for a person waiting for the interview.

It is still important to note that looks matter. If you have looks and turn up professionally dressed for the interview, you will give the impression that consulting companies wish to convey.

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