A Beginner’s Guide To Occupational Rehabilitation Consulting

Professional Development Consultant
Professional Development Consultant
Workplace Rehabilitation Consultant
Workplace Rehabilitation Consultant

Exploring many different career choices in front of them is a fascinating thing to do for a qualified person. Here, we will look at the things that an occupational rehabilitation consultant does and what they can gain from becoming one.

Being a workplace rehabilitation consultant lets you apply allied health principles in a role that involves case management. You will support people by handling their situation as the main contact person between them, the companies that employ them, their insurance carriers, and those who treat them.

Which Qualification Do You Require To Be An Occupational Rehab Consultant?

Rehabilitation consulting professionals must complete their tertiary education in the allied health field. The term ‘allied health’ refers to any health professional who is no doctor, nurse, or dentist. Shared below are the qualifications and roles they usually need.

Occupational Rehabilitation Consultant

An occupational therapist, exercise physiologist, or physiotherapist performs this particular role. They assist sick or hurt people get back to work for the company they used to work before the injury. This role involves identifying the right duties after their comeback to work through a workplace evaluation. This is done to confirm that the duties are medically right for them. The role also involves advancing their return through frequent reviews, collaboration, and interactions with the main stakeholders. As a consultant, you may also take on everyday living assessment, in addition to the evaluation of functional capacity.

Vocational Rehabilitation Consultant

A rehabilitation counselor, registered psychologist, or provisional psychologist performs this role. It aims to get a sick or injured person, back to work at a new company. It is achieved by identifying the right employment options for them and delivering customized programs that help them to grow job-seeking skills. It may involve assisting people to:

  • Discover and apply for a job;
  • Get ready for interviews and take part in these; and, 
  • Be employed in a position that medically suits them and that can be sustained.

Which Are The Main Rewards Of Becoming One?

People look to work as an allied health professional to bring about a positive change in other people’s lives. There is seldom a dull moment when working as an occupational rehabilitation consultant. Almost always, you can collaborate with various people who motivate you to accomplish the best results for not only them but also their employers.

Moreover, you will daily see a fresh setting and challenge that can make your career diverse in a way that no standard practice-based role can.

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