Management consulting started to develop following the growth of the management field in the late nineteenth century. University professors started early consulting firms.
Are you looking for the best online resources to learn things about this form of consulting or prepare for an interview as a management consultant? If yes, we can be a useful resource for you. There is no single management consulting bible to go through for that, and hence, many analysis-, technology- and industry-based resources might be of use. This is an extensive, very varied and profound field.
Even so, reading business strategy resources might help you prepare for interviews, plus boost your knowledge of consulting jargons. One of our posts touches upon whether a Master of Business Administration degree can help you become a consultant. Do go through that post if you are looking to take up an MBA for a career in the consulting field.
Would your physical appearance factor in you being a consultant? The short answer is yes, but depending on your gender. On this website, there are startling facts about the connection between looks and prospects of becoming that professional.
Having said all of the above, we do not assume that our audiences are students and job seekers. Anyone with a passing or keen interest in consulting can visit us.